2 Amazing and Mysterious Caves in Surigao City That Will Surely Awaken Your Senses

Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Philippines has been known as the “City of Island Adventure” and it consists of many different natural attractions that tourist will love to travel around. It is a small city composes of several islands and it is filled with the abundances of nature’s beauty. Today, I will be introducing two amazing and mysterious caves in Surigao city from the many natural attractions a visitor can choose from. Now, let me be your guide in exploring these caves, please allow your spirit and let your senses discover the true beauty and wonder, the mother earth can offer.

Silop Multi Caves will be the first in the list that we have to pay a visit and let us discover its mystery. Intrigue of what this cave can offer? Now brace your heart of what entryway do you go first among the cave’s 12 entrances. Open your sixth sense and decipher the mysteries and puzzlement that encase in this amazing cave.

It has a very impressive limestone formation composing of naturally etch stalagmites, stalactites, and columns. Every sweat that comes out from the pores of your skin will worth a thousand pound of enjoyment and never-ending merriment. It is a paradise for bats and some other insects, and it is one of the most loved beauty of the people residing in the city.

Silop cave is a 30 minute hike from Brgy. Silop proper and it is a 15 minutes drive from the heart of Surigao city. After visiting the cave of Silop, let us now conquers the sea as we ride on a motor boat in going to our next destination.

Buenavista Cave – this cavern will surely captivate each beat of your heart and every vibration created by your brain. Upon entering on the lips of the cave, the magnificent stone formation that beautifully crafted by centuries welcomes you with so much joy and excitement. Feel the mysteries and grandeur that encloses in this underground hollow as your footsteps cast a footprint on the ground. Your journey in this cave of enchantment will remain in your life forever. Be amaze of its exquisiteness and acquaint yourself to any life found inside it and never miss to document every single moment while you are in the cave’s inner portion. It is Located at Barangay Buenavista, Hikdop Island, a 45 minutes voyage by pump boat from Surigao city.

These caves mentioned above will truly satisfy your senses and it will naturally comforts you in harmony with the natural surroundings. Embrace life and cuddle the merriment offered by Mother nature.… READ MORE

Things To See And Do When You Spend Holidays In Albany, WA

There are so many worthwhile things to see and do when you choose to spend your holiday in Albany, Western Australia. Albany is a growing regional centre that is abundant in different natural and man-made resources. The region is considered as an all-year-round holiday destination, especially by tourists who are looking for a one of a kind holiday experience. A host of incomparable sights and attractions will make you lose track of time. There is a myriad of fun activities and scenery for couples, families, friends and even singles. You won’t run out of enjoyable things to do when you visit Albany.

Go to Albany’s museums and places of historical interests.

Become acquainted with the region’s rich history. Visit the Western Australian Museum as it exhibits inspirational displays signifying Albany’s social and natural history. Look into the Old Gaol & Museum, Albany Model Railway Association and Museum, the Anzac War Memorial and the Police Station Museum or Military Barracks Museum. You shouldn’t miss the Princess Royal Fortress, the Whale World, The Old Farm/Strawberry Hill, and The Brig Amity replica. There are so many things to learn and see.

Check out natural attractions and national parks

Albany is perhaps the wealthiest place you’ve ever been to in terms of national parks and wonders of nature. There is the Torndirrup National Park where you can view the Natural Bridge and The Gap as well as The Blowholes and the Jimmy Newhills. You can also explore the Stirling Range National Park where you can enjoy bush walking and sight-seeing, or even climb Bluff Knoll and other mountains. The Porongurup National Park offers many extraordinary rock formations, pathways leading to several peaks, and a nature trail that leads through an entrancing forest. Challenge your body and feast your eyes. Time is the only thing that will keep you from taking pleasure in the grandeur of nature.

Explore coastlines, beaches and rivers.

The region is abundant with stunning beaches, rivers and coastline formations. Middleton Beach is perhaps the most popular in Albany. The warm shallow waters of Emu Point make it a top choice of families with young children. Bremer Beach, located on a huge sand bar, is a pristine white sandy beach that’s perfect for swimming and fishing. Do you want to try parasailing or hang gliding? Shelley Beach in the West Cape Howe National Park is among the best locations for this exhilarating sport. You can go diving, surfing, wind surfing and enjoy other fun-filled water activities in various locations.

You can enjoy the features of King River and Oyster Harbour. If possible, stay in a holiday home near King River. From here, you can delight yourself with the panoramic view of King River and other spectacular natural attractions in Albany. Some holiday homes in Albany provide ease of access to many different tourist spots and attractions. Choose the one that can cater for your needs and budget. Aim for Albany accommodation that features excellent sights, activities and amenities at reasonable … READ MORE

Cruise Ship Jobs Can Be A Fun Way Of Working

Many people dream of a glamorous lifestyle full of adventure. Spending their days on a floating city and visiting exotic and romantic places definitely fits into this category. To top it all, you are paid for it. No wonder that cruise liner jobs available are so popular.

The pay and benefits are quite good. To apply for a job takes a bit of preparation and skill because a job on a floating city is not easy to come by. You must make a good impression right from the beginning and prove that you have what it takes.

There are a many kinds of opportunities on such a ship. They might be as diverse as a waiter and hotel manager. Before submitting an application you had better take many factors in account including your personality. Consider your likes and dislikes. Investigate the possibilities and ask yourself where you will get job satisfaction.

Once you have clarity on where you are heading compile a resume that reflects your unique qualities. You apply for a certain position. You have decided you are right for that position. Focus on what you can bring to that position that will benefit the ship and passengers.

Applying for jobs in a field you do not know on your own can be complicated. Another option is to approach a recruitment agent to do the application and negotiate with the cruise line you are interested in joining. This is probably the better way to go. Recruitment agents work with this sort of application all the time and can give you valuable advice and help you prepare for the interview. frequently cruise lines work only with recruitment agents. It saves them the time of deciding whether an applicant is qualified or not.

Work on a ship can be very rewarding and as much demanding at the same time. All the crew members work with the sole aim of providing comfort to the passengers. So there is a feeling of friendship among them. Work schedules can be tight and long. There are openings for all kinds of job seekers. A newcomer might be suitable for a particular job while an experienced person may find jobs right for him or her.

Some cruise job openings fit sociable personalities. You need to develop a good understanding with the passengers and other crew members. people who fit this description will enjoy working in the activity and entertainment department. There are also many other departments in the workforce such as service and hospitality with its sub categories administration, house keeping and others.

There is a personal care section. Here hairdressers and beauty therapists can show their skills. Fitness trainers can put crew and passengers through their paces. The deck and engineering section is responsible for keeping the floating city in immaculate condition. This section usually folks with experience at sea.

Truly, cruise ship jobs can be the opportunity and experience of a lifetime. You travel and meet folks from all over the world. … READ MORE

Staffing Agencies and Occupational Therapy Jobs

Working as an occupational therapist or occupational therapist assistant the impact of your skills in the health care industry is tremendous. After completing years of education and preparation to get into this technical career getting a job is your chief priority. If you are looking to excel in your career, then a medical staffing agency can help you get into the job market and continue to grow professionally.

With nearly 70% of all occupational jobs now be posted online within the first 24 hours of the opening, having access to these postings all the time is a must. This can prove very difficult with trying to manage a career, personal, and family time along with all the other daily demands you face. Having a medical staffing agency working for you is a great way to stay current with job openings and help you secure the next great job waiting for you.

With technology pushing our access to more and more information rapidly, it might be tempting to try to brave job market on your own and hunt for the perfect job yourself. However, collaborating with a medical staffing agency adds an extra set of eyes to help you be placed faster in the right job that fits your skills and training. Whether you are looking for short-term traveling occupational therapy assistants job or a permanent occupational therapists position, a medical staffing agency can help spot jobs you might be missing.

Additionally, with industry demands and provider requirements sometimes changing daily, a medical staffing firm becomes an excellent source of up-to-date information. A great staffing firm is in constant contact with their providers to ensure they provide them with the best-trained and prepared employee base possible. Due to the high demand and fluctuating job market, the criteria that providers are looking for is often very specific and continually changing. Medical staffing offices can ensure you are qualified and prepared for that perfect job. The good news is there are plenty of jobs out there waiting for you, but the challenge is finding the right jobs that fit your own career goals. This is why having a knowledgeable and motivated medical recruiter working for you to find those right jobs is so vital.

Another point of consideration is a medical staffing agency is a great way to build your own career portfolio of experience. Not only can a staffing firm provide you with consistent work, but also the continual exposure to new teams, providers, and the latest industry developments can only enhance your resume. This valuable experience and exposure increases your knowledge base and improves your own market value as a therapist or therapist assistant.

As you look to your own professional development, and having a full understanding of what you expect and need from your career, it can be tempting to try to find your next job on your own. However, do not under sell the value a medical staffing office can play in seeing you meet your expectations … READ MORE

How Much in Advance Should We Plan Our Summer Vacation

Some people like to plan their vacation a few months in advance while others like to wait for the last minute offers. Which one is the best way to make sure that you will have a wonderful vacation?

There are those people that plan their vacation a few months in advance. They usually go to a travel agency and talk about possibilities even when the weather outside is cold and snowy. However, they might have the right key for a successful holiday. Some agencies offer great deals if you book and prepay your vacation. Also, an advantage for taking this course of action would be the fact that you can book your flight in advance so you will pay considerable less than if you book you flight with only some days in advance.

If you decide to spend your holiday in May or September then you can be sure that you will pay less for accommodation and transport because the season is either just starting or ending. So the hotels and the travel agencies are willing to offer discounts. Also, the prices in the resort you are going will be more reasonable than in the months of July or August.

On the other hand, there are those that like to wait for the last minute offers. These offers are actually a great way to spend your holiday because they are actually cheaper than a normal booked holiday. All you have to do is make sure you check what the travel agencies have to offer regularly. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to make some connections in order to make sure that you get all the information on time.

The most important advantage for this type of vacation is the fact that you have all ensured at almost half price off. The last minute offers include transportation and accommodation at so reasonable prices because either the agency hasn’t managed to book all the seats for the holiday or the season is over and they need to respect the contracts made with the hotels and the travel agencies.

However you choose to spend your holiday just make sure you have the time of your life!… READ MORE