Mexico is a Great Place to Visit

I had never been to Mexico before, but so many of my friends have vacationed there and absolutely love it. I figured I should see what the huge appeal is, and I was really ready for a vacation anyway. My wife, son and daughter were really excited when I told them I wanted us to look at luxury rentals in Cabo San Lucas to determine if that would be a good location for us to spend some time for R and R. The kids wanted to know if they could each bring someone along, which neither my wife nor I had any problem with.

So, my daughter and her cousin along with my son and his best friend gave the thumbs up for the Del Mar Villa that we had been looking at. My wife definitely liked it, The bedrooms could not have been arranged more perfectly for us.…

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Working the Morning Shift Now

I have gotten me a new job, which although it is not really awesome, it fits into where I am right now. The people that I work for are the people you go to if you want to rent a limo or a limo bus in Toronto. They have a huge assortment of vehicles that you can pick from, depending on your needs. They have everything from normal town cars up to huge party buses. Of course a town car looks any nice car that you see on the road, like a 500 series Mercedes Benz that a lawyer or a doctor would drive. In most cases that is all that you would need if you are just going to go out with the wife for a night on the town. Unless you just want to impress random people there is no need for you to rent a vehicle that holds a dozen people when there are only the two of you..

It is a simple job really. Every night they take these vehicles out and people use them.…

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