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7 Things You Should Not Do When Renting A Car

7 Things You Should Not Do When Renting A Car
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Car rentals offer ease and convenience to people who cannot afford cars or a particular brand of car at a time, with an option to rent a car that fulfills their immediate need for it. The car rental business is lucrative in today’s world, and several companies are offering these services to people for a token.

Collected.Reviews users give insights into operations in the car rental industry for people who might be looking to rent cars. Technology also makes it easier to find the best car rental sites on the internet and eliminates risks associated with renting cars.

Service companies like car rental companies have some guiding principles for their operations, and most of them might not be explicitly stated to the user. Below are 7 things you should not do when renting a car.

1.  Ignore Inspection:

Before you drive a car out of the car rental company’s premises, ensure that you make the necessary inspections. Do not ignore doing a thorough inspection of the car. Checking the interior, exterior, and car parts before driving it out will help you discover any damage, no matter how small, the car might have had before you rented it out.

2.  Prepay for Fuel:

Never prepay for fuel while renting a car.Though most car rental companies suggest that you make an upfront payment for fuel since the car is expected to be returned with a full tank, always pass up on the offer.Most times, you would not use the fuel to the half tank, but you would have already paid upfront for the full tank and cannot get a refund.

3.  Return Without Filling The Fuel Tank:

If you do not prepay for fuel, you should make sure not to return the car without refilling the fuel tank.

4.  Disregard Refill Fuel Stations:

Considering that you did not prepay for fuel refill, and you have to refill the fuel tank to full capacity, you must not disregard finding out fuel stations where you can refill before returning the car.

5. Accept Company’s Insurance:

You should not accept the rental company’s car insurance, as it is not your responsibility to pay for the company’s car insurance. Owning some credit cards gives you entitlement to some form of auto insurance, and if you also have your auto insurance, you would not need the company’s car insurance coverage.

6.  Add More Drivers:

When renting a car, you must not add more drivers to the rental contract. Doing so adds more cost to the total rental cost.

7.  Cross International Borders:

Laws are guiding every international border and these laws vary with locations. Most car rental agreements do not allow for crossing international borders. It is better to avoid crossing international borders with a rented car because if any authorization problems arise, the car rental company would not be liable.


Renting a car is a great option of transportation for traveling, getting to some places, or if you just need a car upgrade. Car rentals offer you ease and convenience.