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6 Top Tips on Caribbean Islands – How to Find and Plan Your Luxurious Caribbean Vacation!

6 Top Tips on Caribbean Islands – How to Find and Plan Your Luxurious Caribbean Vacation!
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Traveling to the Caribbean does not need to be all about ‘package holidays’. Sometimes in life, you have to treat yourself to the best that life has to offer and why not! Yes, the Caribbean is seen as ‘millionaires paradise’ but that does not mean that you have to be a millionaire to get there. Here are some tips on Maximising your Buck and enjoying the luxury vacation in the condo, villa, or apartment of your dreams on an island in the Caribbean of pure Paradise…

·         CULTURE

Do your research online to find the TYPE of island you will like best. They all have lovely sandy beaches, beautiful palm trees, and blue waters. But what kind of CULTURE would you like to experience? Latin (Puerto Rico, Cuba)? French (St Martin, Guadaloupe)? Dutch (Curacao, Saba)? British (British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St Kitts). Each will have its type of food and religion and history. So choose a language and culture that will also interest you as well as the beaches!

·         ACTIVITIES

Closely linked to culture are activities. Saba is all about climbing and beautiful forests, Cuba has a little of everything, St Martin is renowned for tax-free goods, partying and the Heineken Regatta! What other activities do you want to undertake besides snorkeling, boating, and fishing (available on all islands!!)

·         ALLOWANCE

Across the world at the moment, it is a better deal to use the American Dollar. In some Caribbean islands, they are using the Euro which can be a little expensive depending on your taste. So check out what currency is accepted and if they do deals with Euro or the currency you use. Can you pay on arrival rather than with a credit card and receive a better value pricing structure?


In the Caribbean, the High Season tends to run from October to the end of March so if you want to get some great value rentals or deals then the best time to do this is from April to September/October (in some parts of the Caribbean it is hurricane season from September to Mid November so check that before you book!)


There are some fantastic travel sites out there than offer specials or keep you updated on good deals. So register on their site and create a new email account so that it doesn’t clog up your main email account and you can check it regularly. Also, go into Facebook and put in Caribbean Vacation Rentals and see what deals you can find that come up in the search box and if they have a list or group to join. Join it and you will get alerts in your Facebook account. (You can also use Twitter and LinkedIn for this)

·         Get REFERRALS

Talk to your friends and family, who have stayed in a great place. How did they find it? What sites did they use? Did they find it on Social Media or did they already attend a wedding or event in the Caribbean? When you get a referral for a rental or rental site, its more powerful than advertising! So just ask!

We want you to have the most amazing Caribbean Vacation as we know how wonderful it is to be here. We look forward to meeting you at some point in the future. In the meantime enjoy your most fabulous CARIBBEAN VACATION EVER!